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April's Cake Box - What's Inside?
April 2023

April's Cake Box - What's Inside?

cinnamon, sugar, and bananas... oh my!

April cakes are ready. Are you ready? Let's jump right in.

Traditional & Gluten-Free subscriptions will enjoy a mixed-pack of cake. 3 vanilla bean cakes with a mango banana ganache on top, fresh banana mallow frosting, white chocolate dip covered with banana candied coconut shreds. 3 cinnamon churro cakes, with cinnamon and brown sugar layered inside, fresh banana mallow, semi-sweet & white chocolate dip, cinnamon and sugar on top.

Vegan Subscriptions will enjoy similar cakes with a few slight changes. Half of the pack includes a vanilla coconut cake, banana mallow frosting dipped in semi-sweet chocolate and covered in banana candied coconut shreds. The other half includes a vanilla bean coconut cake with layers of cinnamon and brown sugar inside. Topped with a fresh vanilla mallow dipped in 65% dark chocolate and lightly sprinkled cinnamon and sugar edges.

Keto-Friendly Subscriptions will be enjoying cupcakes this month. Woohoooo! 3 each: A buttery vanilla bean cupcake topped with white chocolate ganache and a chocolate coconut cupcake topped with semi-sweet chocolate and toasted coconut.

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