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Gourmet Holiday Gifts Are Now Available in Vegan & Sugar-Free Options!

Gourmet Holiday Gifts Are Now Available in Vegan & Sugar-Free Options!

Cocoa Kits & Cake Subscriptions for Everyone!

Yes! We have treats for you! And you! And you! And.. yes, you too!

We recently unleashed the first ever NotPie cocoa mug. Adorably embellished with our festive cupcake dude on one side and a few words that sum up the season on the other side... But first, COCOA.

The cocoa mug is really cute. But even better is what we’ve crafted to go inside the mug!

Just like the mug says ... Let’s talk cocoa first. We’ve crafted a hot cocoa mix that is super easy to make, rich and chocolatey, not too sweet with a hint of warm vanilla. Made with a single-origin Peruvian chocolate, the cocoa carries delicate floral and fruit notes to a velvety earthy finish.

Just add the warm milk of your choice... cow, almond, soy, rice, coconut ... the world is your oyster here! (Our favorites were whole cow milk and full-fat coconut milk.)

Each cocoa kit comes with the best marshmallows you’ve ever tasted. Light & squishy, we’ll include 4 large mallows of our famous vanilla mallows and 4 of our out-of-this-work peppermint mallows.

Choose the vegan option and we’ll tuck vegan versions of our vanilla and peppermint marshmallows in the box instead. Just as delicious, and gelatin-free!

Choose the paleo, sugar-free cocoa kit and we’ll pack our sugar-free hot cocoa mix with low-sugar versions of our marshmallows, made with coconut-sugar and grass-fed kosher gelatin ... these will knock your socks off.

The hot cocoa kit is paired with a 3-month subscription. The recipient's future treats will match the cocoa kits: traditional, vegan, or paleo/sugar-free.

These treats are a delight to receive and a perfect match for anyone on your list!

Place your order by December 19th for Christmas arrival of the Cocoa Kit, the cake subscription will run from January through March. Click here for complete details on this super special holiday gift.

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