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Happening Now: Kosher Marshmallows

Happening Now: Kosher Marshmallows

Oh, marshmallows. How I love thee. Your pillowy soft sweetness with undertones of vanilla. A perfect sweet treat, fresh or roasted, cut into squares or piled on top of a cake.

When we started NotPie, we worked really hard to create a treat that was beautiful to send and delicious to eat; filled with ingredients that you could be happy about.

We carefully sourced and tested each of our ingredients so we could craft the best cake on the planet.

A handmade marshmallow sits on top of every cake we make. Since it's often the first thing you bite into, we knew they had to taste really good. So we ditched the corn syrup for an organic cane sugar. We carefully choose a sustainable, socially responsible and ridiculously delicious pure vanilla extract. And chose the best gelatin we could find. An organic, grade A porcine gelatin.

We've been making incredible tasting marshmallows.

Then we received a question from one of our subscribers. What about Kosher marshmallows, could we make them?

So we searched ... and sourced ... and tested... and tasted. After 3-months of this routine, we found an incredible collagen that makes an even more delicious marshmallow. No, really! 

As with any animal product, source matters. Organic is important to us. But we were also looking for collagen from pasture raised, grass-fed cows. This was no easy task, but well worth it! 

Now, we are happily making and topping all of our cakes with kosher marshmallows, made with awesome ingredients that taste ridiculously delicious.

If Kosher is important to you, we've got you covered. If delicious tasting gifts are important, well ... you know we are your people!

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