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May Cakes - Shipping to Subscribers and Moms in all 50 States!
May 2022

May Cakes - Shipping to Subscribers and Moms in all 50 States!

Passion fruit butter cake with a triple berry mallow

May is a month full of celebrations! We are ready to help celebrate Moms and birthdays, end-of-school celebrations and teacher appreciation day.

Our passion fruit cake delivers a delicate floral jasmine-like note, closely followed by bright citrus in harmony with rich butter. Topped with a triple berry mallow singing the praises of a fresh Summer berry jam. Finished with a dip in white chocolate and a few sprinkles.

Shipping all month to subscribers and Moms!

A few notes on special versions: Gluten-free cake subscribers will get a gluten-free version of this cake made with gluten-free ingredients and a special mixing method. Possibly better than the original, this cake is tender and buttery, without any gluten proteins to get in the way of the delicate passion fruit flavors.

Vegan subscribers will receive a slightly different version of this month's cake -- finished with a dip in a semi-sweet chocolate, we've successfully achieved all of the flavor components in this lovely cake using organic vegan butter, the same passion fruit juice, topped with a gelatin-free triple berry mallow. You won't miss out on a thing with this one!

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