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Send Some Love

Send Some Love

Valentine's Day 2018 Gifts

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there seem to be a few camps of celebrators.

  1. The Ultimate Valentine's Celebrators.

  2. The Let's Celebrate Something Celebrators.

  3. The Valentine's Day is Not Real Celebrators.

We crafted a pretty delicious cake for Valentine's Day for you to send to your favorite people. No matter which group you fall into, the love will be shared with this one!

Josh & I wanted to create a flavor that shouted love, something that has a unique flavor but still festive for the sweetest day, minus all that red #40 and blue #1. So we crafted a cake using the perfect combination of chocolate + raspberry.

This beauty of a chocolate cake is baked with a layer of sweet raspberry filling, bringing a bright counterpoint to the rich single-origin Peruvian chocolate cake. Topped with a fresh raspberry marshmallow and finished with a dip in dark chocolate. It's rich and sweet, naturally festive in its pink hue, and really delicious.

Send a Super Valentine's Day Cake to your sister or best friend. A six-pack to your son who's away at school, your mom who lives across the country, or your grandchildren. They'll feel love.

Order by February 8, and we'll have it delivered by Valentine's Day. 💗 💗 💗

Happy Season of Love! Amanda

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