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Skip the Food Coloring this Valentine's Day

Skip the Food Coloring this Valentine's Day

Available to ship through February, 2023.

I know, I know ... Valentine's Day is all about pink and red sweets in the shape of a heart. But we do things a little different around here. You won't find a single pink colored cake, zero red frosting, and none of those spicy red cinnamon hearts.

Heres the thing. Artificial food dyes are strange. They don't taste that good, they discolor your teeth and lips and make you look funny for hours after dessert, and there is some evidence they cause health problems for people and the environment.

The Red Fortiest Month of the Year

Let's talk Valentine's Day — It's hard to find festive treats and desserts in February that aren't bursting with pink. As the calendar turns to February, everything turns to a shade of red #40. From ice cream to cupcakes, cookies to cereals, I even spotted pink & white bagels. No treat is safe this time of year!

We wanted to create a flavor to feature this February that shouted love, something that has a unique flavor, but is still festive for the sweetest month of the year, minus all that red #40 and blue #1.

Chocolate & Strawberries

What represents Valentine's Day better than chocolate and strawberries?

We went all in for our Valentine's Day Sixer. Featuring our famous chocolate cupcake, filled with a chocolate ganache, topped with a handmade fresh raspberry marshmallow and finished with a dip in dark chocolate and gold leaf.

Shipping through February 28! Send a traditional or a vegan cupcake gift to your favorite person ... one bite and they'll feel your love from a mile away.

xoxo, Amanda

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