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Thai Iced Tea
August 2022

Thai Iced Tea

August Cake-of-the-Month

The line up, pairing notes and tips for eating this month's cake!

If you just received your subscription box and logged on to read more -- yahoo 🎊, you are rad 😎, we can't wait to tell you all about it! It's been a long hot journey from our bakery to your house. Pop the pack of cake in the fridge for a cooling session before you enjoy!

This month's cake is a play on Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea is made from strongly brewed Ceylon tea with a few added spices that helps achieve the florally spiced flavor, and iconic color. The result is something that tickles your taste buds. Typically, Thai tea is sweetened with sugar and condensed milk, poured over crushed ice and mixed as you sip. It's sweet, refreshing, and full of exotic flavors.

The Line Up: Coconut Cake + Thai Tea Marshmallow + Toasted Coconut + Powdered Sugar

Pairing Notes: The Thai tea marshmallow offers a complex sweet flavor. Pair it with a cold or hot drink that will let the cake shine on your palate. Green or white tea would pair beautifully for an afternoon treat. A dry white wine could be a lovely evening dessert.

Pro Tip: Unwrap and serve on a plate with a dessert spoon.

A tour of this month's Thai Ice Tea Cake: The idea hit me one hot day in July while Josh and I were grabbing lunch at our favorite Thai cafe. Designed with the flavors of my favorite sweet drink, the Thai iced tea cake was born!

The coconut cake we made for the base is a play on my favorite vanilla butter cake. It's rich and sweet, with a beautiful crumb and a warm background flavor of coconut.

Thai tea marshmallow sits on top. Our tea blend includes tamarind seeds for flavor and that iconic color, plus a few spices that gives it complex floral notes.

Sweetened toasted coconut and powdered sugar sit on top. We chose coconut flakes (instead of tiny shreds) to add a lovely texture and a strong coconut flavor to each bite.

Our test group came back with some of the best comments, including many calling this cake the best cake we've ever made!

Happy end-of-Summer wishes to you & yours!

Amanda & the cake team

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