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Thinking About Mothers, Every Day

Thinking About Mothers, Every Day

A special cinnamon roll cake for her special day

Her day often starts with sleepy-eyed kids looking for breakfast.

Queen pancake maker, honorary egg scrambler, toast wrangler, jam spreader .. who knows the exact amount of each item her family loves. This one likes a pat of butter, this one likes a dollop of jam, a glug of syrup, crispy bread, cheesy eggs … she knows it all like the back-of-her-hand.

Mom’s generally love breakfast. Sometimes it comes in the form of a hot cup of coffee or tea along side a bite of toast with a smear jam. Sometimes it looks more like eating the ugly pancakes that are left by the stove as she cooks her family breakfast.

We made a special cake to honor her. The one who loves breakfast, but eats breakfast last.

A cinnamon role cake.

Reminiscent of a giant, fresh from the oven cinnamon roll. The kind she’d indulge in when out to brunch with friends. The special treat she’d save for herself, to enjoy after she gets everyone out the door.

Our cinnamon roll cake’s foundation is built on an old family favorite my great-grandmother used to bake on the weekend — probably even on Mother’s Day!

Cinnamon swirled cake with layers of sweetened cream cheese. Drizzled with a sweet and sticky cinnamon roll sauce. Topped with a vanilla marshmallow and finished with soft piles of white chocolate & generously sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

This cake will be exclusively available through the month of May.

Mom, sister, auntie, sister-in-law, neighbor, best-friend, cousin, niece. She’ll be delighted to receive this pack of cake. Don’t forget to Include a special note! We’ll pack it right on top.

Moms are the best.

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