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Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pies

September's Exclusive Cake

A dessert that defies classification. Too small to be a cake, too big to be a cookie, and absolutely not a pie.

A friend of a friend called us last winter. She was planning her wedding and wanted a very specific dessert - whoopie pies. She heard about our marshmallow and wanted us to bake the dessert for her special day.

The problem was, we don’t really do weddings. Or anything with pie in the name.

But these aren't really a pie. Plus, they usually include a marshmallowy fluff inside, and we love to help people celebrate. We’re in!

I thought I had a handle on what a whoopie pie was — a chocolate cake sandwich with gooey cream inside, right? But what makes a whoopie pie really good? Is it the ratio of cake to cream? The gooeyness of the filling? The ingredients? I googled. and you know what I found? Whoopie pies are not as simple as they seem!

The Pennsylvania Dutch claim this dessert as their creation. So the story goes, the Dutch women made the pies from left over cake batter & icing and tucked them into their husband's lunch. When found, they would understandably yell “whoopie”!

Many American traditions come with a little bit of historical controversy … so it’s not surprising that while the whoopie pie is claimed as the official state treat of Maine, five other states claim to be the birthplace of this dessert—Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia and New Hampshire.

There isn’t much disagreement on the components of a whoopie pie— a chocolate cake sandwich with a sweet cream filling inside.

I gathered my trusty recipes for chocolate cake, cakey cookies, brownies, and the long shot—a straight-up chocolate cookie.

The winner was this rich chocolatey cake, made with Irish cream butter and single-origin Peruvian cocoa. With a generous mound of our house marshmallow fluff sandwiched inside—It’s tender, gooey, full of chocolate flavor, and really delicious.

We are making them available to you for the first time, ever! Our September subscribers will receive a pack of 4 chocolate whoopie pies, with edges rolled in honey roasted almonds and festive sprinkles, as this month’s exclusive cake box!

Want in on this deliciousness? Order one for yourself or send it as a gift! Subscribe for the month or sign up for a multi-month cake subscription right over here >>


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