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You are in good company! Meet other people who’ve sent and received our cakes

Medium double chocolate cake
Jennifer received a Double Chocolate Cupcake

"So yummy! The marshmallow topping is dreamy! Not to mention the chocolate ganache. Yum!"

Medium vegan sixer review
Priya sent a Chocolate Vegan Six-Pack

"Delicious cake and quick delivery. Thank you!"

Medium super party pack
Kim sent a Party Pack

"I sent a four-pack of the Super Cupcakes to my office. The cake is very good, and the marshmallow is better than icing."

Medium lemon elderflower
Rob sent the special Mother's Day Cake

Another smile delivered! thank you so much, until next time.

Medium birthday cake six pack of cake
Annette sent a Birthday Sixer

"My daughter loved her cupcakes so much that she is going to order some for her husbands birthday."