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A Bite of Sunshine Cupcake Gift

April's Exclusive Cake of the Month + free shipping!

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A Bite of Sunshine Cupcake Gift
6 pack of standard cupcakes
a handwritten note
signature marshmallow top
2 day shipping (most places)

Orange Poppy Seed Cake + Passion Dragon Fruit Marshmallow + Shredded Chocolate

I can't think of a better way to kick off April than this tropical cake that tastes like pure sunshine.

We combined passion fruit with a hint of dragon fruit for a marshmallow that is loaded with a tropical sweet tart flavor, and naturally pink. This delicious marshmallow sits on top of a tender butter cake full of aromatic orange zest and speckled with poppy seeds.

Each cake is topped with soft piles of shredded dark chocolate that instantly melts on your tongue and pairs brilliantly with the passion fruit marshmallow.

This cake is only available in April, 2018.

With just 2 ship dates, April 16th & the 23rd, order before April 22 to join this month's cake adventure! After that, it will be a delicious memory! Don't miss it 💗

Available Flavors
Medium sunshine sixer
Sunshine Sixer
$29.00 & free shipping

A six pack of our standard sized cupcakes. This box of cake gets the celebrations started as soon as it arrives at the door.

Medium sunshine super
Sunshine Super
$19.00 & free shipping

Our giant 7-ounce cupcake is over 4 inches tall! Big enough to share, or not.