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Black Friday Give one, Get One

Give an exclusive six pack, get a super sized cupcake to give for free + free shipping!

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We are into giving thanks for Thanksgiving, so who do you want to celebrate?

Black Friday Give one, Get One
6 pack of standard cupcakes
1 free Super-sized cupcake
chocolate marshmallow top
a handwritten note
2 day shipping (most places)

Black Friday Give one, Get One

There are a ton of Black Friday deals out there, but none like this! While we were sharing our hanks with those around our tables on Thanksgiving, there are many more people in our lives that we wish we could reach out to and let them know how grateful we are for them. So we are kicking off the holiday season with a double dose of giving.

Give one, Get one

Purchase a special Six Pack of Blackout Triple Chocolate cupcakes from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and we’ll give you another Super Blackout Triple Chocolate cupcake gift to send to someone for free!

What is this Blackout Triple Chocolate?

We start with our chocolate cake, top it with a housemate chocolate marshmallow and dip it in dark chocolate.

6 + 1

The first gift is a box of The Sixer (a six pack) cupcakes and your free gift is The Super, giant sized cupcake.

Send it to anyone ... your brother, Aunt, friend, coworker, daughter, neighbor, music teacher! Someone who needs some holiday joy, or loves chocolate. Someone you miss like crazy, or needs a pick-me-up. You can even give it to yourself, or someone in your house and then beg them to share it. Whomever you choose to celebrate, we'll pack them up with a handwritten note and send it out.

Guaranteed to make their day!

How does it work?

When you add this to your cart, our system will automatically add the free Super Blackout Triple Chocolate Cake to the order and you will be able to send each to their own specific addresses along with a note.

Available Flavors
Medium black friday cupcake gift subscription
Six Pack Blackout Chocolate GOGO
$29.00 & free shipping

Triple chocolate — marshmallow, cake and dip!