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Carrot Pecan Celebration Cupcakes

A classic carrot cake, elevated to a lovely dessert

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Carrot Pecan Celebration Cupcakes

6 pack of standard cupcakes

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I love finding simple delights in the seemingly ordinary things. This carrot pecan cake fits the bill -- a classic carrot cake elevated to a delightful dessert!

Introducing our newest six-pack of cupcakes, perfect for gifting.

As I strolled the Wednesday growers market, I searched for something that could represent the coming season. A flavor, an idea, an ingredient. I found beautiful apples, citrus bursting around every corner, the first central coast berry baskets, and more varieties of greens than I could count.

It was a humble bunch of carrots that whispered to me.

Send a Six-Pack of Carrot Cupcakes this Spring

A carrot cardamom cake, topped with a vanilla mallow, half rolled in candied pecans, half in birthday sprinkles. Finished with a drizzle of white chocolate and a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar.

A delicate cake made with tender carrots and a simplified spice blend of cinnamon and the delightful surprise of freshly ground cardamom. It's a classic carrot cake, transformed into an elegant cupcake dessert.

The traditional six-pack of carrot pecan cakes are made with a browned butter that ads a dynamic nutty flavor, a soft wheat flour giving us a fine crumb.

The gluten-free carrot pecan cupcakes are made with an organic house-made rice and almond flour blend that bakes up fluffy and tender.

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$41.00 & free shipping