Holiday Cookie Box - Made with Gluten-Free Ingredients

Filled with an assortment of wintery cookies & exclusive marshmallows.

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Holiday Cookie Box - Made with Gluten-Free Ingredients

Mmm… cookies. Just the thing to spread some holiday joy.

Each cookie tin will be filled with an assortment of 24 festive wintry cookies. Plus a dozen very special mallows to top your cocoa with in vanilla and peppermint chocolate.

2021 Cookie Box Line-Up

  • Banana poppy seed
  • Smoked butterscotch sugar
  • Hot cocoa
  • Peppermint Chocolate chip
  • Classic iced sugar cookie cutouts in (heart, starfish, & gingerbread people)

True to our ingredient philosophy, we’ll stick to organic ingredients, natural flavors from real food, and no artificial colors. Our cookies are made with gluten-free ingredients, with a vegan cookie box option making it’s debut this year.

NotPie's festive cookie box gifts will begin shipping on Saturday, December 11.