Lemon Raspberry Cake

A delightful lemon butter cake with raspberry cherry jam center

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Lemon Raspberry Cake

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Lemon desserts are a thing of wonder. Light, zesty, and they pair so well with everything from berries on top to an icy glass of sun tea.

Lemons on California's central coast are an all year affair. Markets have more than a few varieties, and many neighborhoods have lemon trees a plenty. I stopped by the citrus guys stand at the Wednesday market for their amazing Eureka lemons, full of true lemon flavor with sweet and sour notes.

Lemon Cake with Raspberry Mallow

We started with a lemon cake that is buttery and soft, loaded with lemon zest and juice for a bright lemony flavor. Topped with a fresh raspberry marshmallow and finished with a dip in white chocolate. Topped with a delicate piece of candied lemon.

Pair with a cup of hot black coffee, or an iced-jasmine tea.

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A six-pack of Lemon Raspberry cupcakes