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Porter Chocolate Cake

How will you celebrate your brother, uncle, best friend or Dad this Father's Day?

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Porter Chocolate Cake

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Porter Chocolate Cake + Vanilla Bean Marshmallow + Silky Dark Chocolate Dip + Salty Almond Brittle

How do you celebrate your Dad, Uncle, or Brother on Father's Day?

Most often, Father's Day presents come in the form of something utilitarian that you know he'll use. Like a tie or a tool, a delicious meal or a BBQ.

But how about something indulgent that he'll for sure love?

It's not just Mom's that love sweet treats, guys love them too! Specially in the form of a bold, decadent cake made just for him -- without any sprinkles, dainty flavors, or pastel colors.

For the first time ever, we are making this cake available in a Six-Pack and a Party Pack which includes one giant cupcake for Dad plus a six-oack of cake to share.

This is no ordinary cupcake!

This delicious Father's Day gift is guaranteed to be opened and enjoyed .. but may not be shared.

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Porter Chocolate Cake

We've made a special cake for him! Bold and decadent, without a dainty flowers or a pink sprinkle in sight!

How do you celebrate your favorite Dad's on Father's Day?

Medium porter cake
Porter Chocolate Cake

We wanted to bake something that is worthy of a Father's Day celebration. This porter chocolate cake features our single-origin Peruvian Cocoa Powder with a Porter from our local Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Company. This cake is indulgent, but not too sweet.

Medium silky dark chocolate
Silky Dark Chocolate Dip

This silky dark chocolate dip is a perfect mate to its rich cake counterpart. It goes on thin and adds a subtle dark chocolate note to the first and last bite.

Medium almond brittle
Almond Brittle

A piece of our housemade almond brittle sits on top. It's salty, nutty crunch adds a little sweet nostalgia to this dessert.