Grasshopper Chocolate Cake

Chocolate + Mint = A Lucky Combo! + free shipping!

No longer available
Grasshopper Chocolate Cake
The 1/4 lb Super
6 pack of standard cupcakes
housemade marshmallow top
2 day shipping (most places)

Send multiple gifts in one order!

Don't let your luck run out on this one, the Grasshopper cake is only available through March!

What is this Grasshopper cake you ask? Well, we topped our well-loved chocolate cake with a handmade, mint marshmallow and dipped it in dark chocolate.

Minty, chocolatey, rich, refreshing. How does that all work in one dessert? Magic.

We've made this available in a Super and a Sixer. Send them to your grandkids for St Patty's Day, your parents to celebrate an anniversary, your best friend's birthday (we'll add the sprinkles & a candle!), or to yourself to celebrate the arrival of Spring!