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August Cake-of-the-Month Boxes Are Shipping 8/17.


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Super-sized cupcake

a handwritten note

handmade marshmallow top

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The Sixer, topped with our signature, house-made vanilla marshmallow, dipped in dark chocolate. Save 15% available only Wednesday, July 2nd for delivery on Saturday, July 5th.

All great food starts with ingredients and in our quest to create the best cakes, we searched for the best. We use organic ingredients everywhere we can and keep things as close and local to our bakery as possible.  We use farm fresh eggs from a purveyor within a few miles from our bakery, organic pastry flour from Oregon mills and chocolate from Dagoba. Our marshmallow is handmade with organic gelatin and our own sugar syrup, allowing us to get rid of corn syrup completely. 

This is the best chocolate cake we've ever had and we hope you enjoy it this holiday weekend.