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August Cake-of-the-Month Boxes Are Shipping 8/17.

Valentine's Day Exclusive

Triple Chocolate Cake + free shipping!

No longer available
Valentine's Day Exclusive

Super-sized cupcake

a handwritten note

handmade marshmallow top

2 day shipping (most places)

The day of love is almost here. A day to celebrate the ones you love, and the ones that love you back.

We've knocked it out of the park this Valentine's Day with a special cupcake of love. We topped our fabulously rich chocolate cake with a chocolate marshmallow and dipped it in chocolate.

This special Valentine's Day edition in Triple Chocolate is available in both gift sizes. Send The Super, weighing in at 1/4 pound it's big enough to share or not! Or send six of our regular sized cupcakes to share with friends family. Also, hoarding is approved.

Order before February 10th, and we'll have it delivered on Valentine's Day.