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January Cake Box Introductions

January Cake Box Introductions

January 2022 cake boxes are on the way 🎉

By the time we reach January, my sweet taste buds are tired. I was dreaming of something with nuance and flavor, not too sweet, not too sour.

Muscovado cake with morello cherry preserves, vanilla mallow covered in shredded white chocolate

The first half of January’s cake box is a muscovado cake. With notes of molasses and honey, the crumb is soft and airy. A dollop of morello cherry preserves is baked on top, offering a slightly sour note of black cherry.

This cake is sweet, but not too sweet. Topped with a vanilla mallow, finished with soft fluffy piles of shredded white chocolate that melts instantly on your tongue.

Pairs well with a hot cup of single-origin Guatemalan coffee, or a black tea with a drizzle of honey.

The other half of this month’s cake box is a London Fog cake.

What is London Fog in the dessert world? It started in Vancouver Canada with an earl grey tea latte in the 1990s. Made of a very simple mixture of earl grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup.

Our London Fog introduces a few additional flavors to the mix. A chocolate cake with house caramel sauce baked in gives us a pound cake like texture, firm with a tight crumb. Topped with an earl grey tea mallow, the surprise of bergamot wakes your taste buds, and has you wondering why this is so familiar and delicious? Dipped in semi-sweet chocolate, and sprinkled with edible gold.

Happy New Year!

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