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Let's Celebrate Someone's Birthday!
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Let's Celebrate Someone's Birthday!

You tell us when, we'll bake & ship it to arrive in time for their birthday

Happy Birthday!

Ok, maybe it’s not your birthday today. But with more than 850,000 American birthdays happening every day of the year, chances are good that someone you know is celebrating their birthday today.

I love the picture I added at the top of this post … it’s a screenshot from a video of our kiddo on her recent 16th birthday, blowing out the candles while wearing her birthday present - a Go Pro strapped to her head. It’s perfect because we rarely record this perspective, right? Celebrating people is awesome, but being celebrated? Amazing.

For her birthday adventure, we camped in the Cascade Mountains for a long weekend, swam all day, hung out in a relaxation station, enjoyed her favorite food, played cards by the fire, and went to sleep under the stars. We packed a chocolate cake and candles, presents and all the birthday accoutrements needed for some serious fun.

Birthdays are kind of a big deal in our family. The birthday girl or boy gets to choose a favorite meal, a dessert (we'd even bake a pie if that was the request), and an adventure. We’ve had PB&J 2.0s for lunch on a beach with a bunch of friends, we’ve sat for hours on the patio of Bouchon for a fancy meal, we’ve enjoyed crêpe cakes at home and even packed a chocolate cake for a camping trip… There’s a lot of joy in those memories

Celebrating the birthdays of your favorite people from afar is a little trickier. Most of the time, birthdays are filled with sweet text messages from family and friends that live far away, or birthday wishes posted on Facebook, and maybe a phone call or two.

Connecting with people in a tangible way is so fun and spreads so much joy! So we’ve made it super easy to celebrate your people on their day … even if they live far away.

Our Super Birthday Cupcakes start with your choice of an ultimate chocolate cake or a classic vanilla cake. Topped with our handmade vanilla marshmallow, finished with a dip in your choice of white or dark chocolate and rolled in sprinkles.

Each giant cupcake comes packaged with a birthday candle, a button that lets everyone know “it’s my birthday week”, and your personal note packed on top! Weighing in at 7 ounces, it’s big enough to share …. Or not!

Send a personal-size birthday cake here, or next time you are shopping on Amazon… add one to your cart! 😊

So easy! Amanda (& crew)

ps... we want to celebrate so many birthdays with you this year, we added a milestone tracker on Facebook to keep track of our birthday cake celebration progress! You can follow along here

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