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We've Celebrated 375 Birthdays in 2017
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We've Celebrated 375 Birthdays in 2017

... only 625 birthdays to go!

Oh, scratch that ..... We just sent the 378th birthday cake.

Our goal is to help 1,000 of you celebrate your favorite people on their birthday in 2017. That means we've got 625 to go, with four months left! Whew .... let's get to celebrating people!

Our team is working hard to make it super easy to celebrate someone on their birthday. Our checkout is easier than ever -- choose your flavor, tell us who to send it to and when we'll do the rest so it arrives in time for their big day! The best part of all this? We just added our single giant birthday cupcakes to Amazon. Yay! Also, Amazon knows a thing or two about making shopping easy.

We'll be keeping track using the milestones on Facebook ... plus we'll be sharing some of the best gift notes that get written & giving away some birthday cake surprises!

Let's celebraaaaaaate!

ps ... We are including these adorable little It's my birthday week buttons in all birthday cake orders, until we run out! So fun.

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