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NotPie Cakery Launches Tweet-a-Cake
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NotPie Cakery Launches Tweet-a-Cake

Send anyone a cake through Twitter with just their name

Santa Cruz, Ca — NotPie takes on the increasingly serious tone of your Twitter feed with Tweet-a-Cake

In the age of ubiquitous devices we are both connected at all times and not really connected at all — we know everything our friends and family did online yesterday, but rarely spend time to dig deeper. Until now it has been nearly impossible to send a real gift to someone you follow on social media, Tweet-a-cake looks to change that.

"Joshua & I spend a lot of time on Twitter. We wanted to give people a way to spread a little joy by connecting to their Twitter friends in real life. It turns out 100% of people are thrilled to receive cake in the mail, so Tweet-a-Cake was born," says NotPie’s Co-founder, Amanda Frazier.

NotPie has been sending personal-sized birthday cakes and a monthly subscription of exotic flavors across the country since 2014. Now, with Tweet-a-Cake, you can send cake to anyone on Twitter (residing in the U.S.) with just their Twitter handle. For $19 NotPie will send a giant cupcake (vanilla, chocolate or chocolate vegan), topped with a house-made marshmallow (gelatin-free for the vegan) and dipped in white or dark chocolate to arrive in just a couple of days. Birthday cakes will also include sprinkles and a candle.

How it Works

  1. Visit, authenticate with Twitter and fill in the short form.

  2. We send out a tweet letting them know you sent cake, with a custom link.

  3. Once verified with Twitter, the person receiving provides an address that is not accessible to the sender or stored with any information from Twitter.

  4. The cake is baked, packed and shipped to arrive in 2-3 days.

About NotPie

NotPie is an innovative bakery based in Santa Cruz, California that makes it easy to send gift cakes for all occasions to anyone across the United States. offers personal-sized birthday cakes, a six-pack of cupcakes and a monthly cake-of-the-month style subscription of exclusive flavors as well as vegan cake options.

Contact: Amanda Frazier (669) 232-3402

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