February's Box is coming in hot ... a festive chocolate & raspberry cake, topped with berry mallow and dipped in chocolate. 💗

Gluten Free Cupcake Subscription Box

Yes, finally! A gluten-free cupcake subscription has joined the line-up!

Gluten Free Cupcake Subscription Box

6 pack of gourmet cupcakes

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Ahhhhh, wooooo, yaaaay. And, the crowd goes wild. 👏

A gluten-free cupcake subscription has officially joined our lineup.

Gluten-Free Cupcake Subscription Box Details

Each month in your cupcake subscription box you'll receive a six pack of very rad gluten-free cupcakes in our exclusive flavor of the month.

Princess cupcakes? Oh, no. Our cupcakes are bold in flavor and design. Made with a house-blend of gluten-free flours, our cakes are made with the world's finest ingredients. From our fresh roasted pumpkin puree in the Fall to locally grown berries in the Summer. Single-origin cocoa powder from Dominican Republic in our chocolate cakes to fresh banana in our banana marshmallow (say what!)

Give a cupcake subscription as a gift or send one to yourself.

A cupcake subscription makes a lovely gift that delivers a whole lot of joy, plus delicious cupcakes for months to come!

We started our first cupcake subscription box many moons ago, way back in 2014. Since then, we've made and delivered hundreds of cupcakes each month, in flavors like fresh cinnamon churro with banana, triple lemon, coconut Thai tea, and Brooklyn black-out chocolate.

Ok, ok ... I pretty much just listed my favorite flavors of all time. We've also made a ginger molasses cake that was full of holiday cheer, and a fresh apple cake that announced the arrival of our local apple season.

Small batch, artisan cakes with out-of-this-world flavors, topped with our signature marshmallow frosting.

We deliver to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska, for FREE! Our subscriptions ship around the 22nd of each month, and arrive via two-day shipping (there are a very small number of US towns that require 3-days)

Have more questions? Check out our commonly asked questions page, or email us at cupcake@notpie.com anytime!

Yes, finally! Gluten-Free cupcake delivery nationwide.

** Allergen Note: Wheat is used as a raw ingredient in our bakery, though not in these desserts. Even with separate baking days and tools, there is still a risk of cross-contamination. Please do not order if you have a serious allergy to wheat or gluten.**