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Vegan Cake Subscription Box

The one & only vegan cupcake subscription box!

Vegan Cake Subscription Box

6 pack of gourmet cupcakes

exclusive flavors every month

gift note personalization

birthday cake approved

shipping included

Vegan Cake Subscription Box Details

Of all the vegan gifts to send, only our subscription box will feature a new treat every month.

What do I get?

Each month, you'll receive a six-pack of gourmet cupcakes in our exclusive flavor of the month.

These aren't your average princess cupcakes, these are made with the world's finest ingredients — small batch, artisan cakes with out-of-this-world flavors and topped with our signature vegan marshmallow finished with a dip in chocolate. Ready for the Spring 2019 line-up? Let's go!

April cake: Sunny Cove Cake orange scented vanilla cake with poppy seeds + passion fruit marshmallow + dark chocolate dip

May cake: Cruz Birthday Cake chocolate & vanilla cake + vanilla marshmallow + semi-sweet chocolate dip + sugar sprinkles

June cake: Cherry Porter Chocolate Cake chocolate porter cake + vanilla bean marshmallow with cherries + dark chocolate dip

Vegan cupcakes delivered nationwide!

A vegan cupcake of the month club subscription is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. We deliver all over the country and ship our vegan subscriptions out around the 15th of each month. Send a monthly, three, six or 12-month subscription box as a birthday gift! A vegan cake subscription also makes a delicious congratulations or holiday gift.

Have more questions? We have many, many answers! Here are some of the most common questions, but feel free to drop us a line if you would like to chat more! is always open for questions, thoughts, love notes, etc.. :)

Cupcake delivery nationwide!

Vegan Ingredients
Purely plant-based treats

When we set out to develop treats for our vegan friends, we went through dozens of iterations to create the same quality and purity of ingredients as the rest of our treats. Our vegan desserts are created from the simplest ingredients without many of the gums and stabilizers used in many commercial treats.

Medium cocoa powder
Peruvian Cocoa Powder

Single-origin Peruvian cacao powder created from fermented and roasted cacao beans. Our cacao powder is more than 20% fat, twice the amount of regular powders, giving our cakes a dark rich chocolate flavor.

Medium agar agar powder

Used for centuries as an ingredient in desserts throughout Asia, agar-agar has powerful gelling properties. Sourced from sea algae, agar is a polymer made up of subunits of the sugar galactose.

Medium soy protein vegan marshmallow
Soy Protein

Non-GMO, organic soy protein isolate is used to make our signature vegan marshmallow. A tiny amount goes a long way to create a stable structure for our marshmallows that toast just like the real thing.

Medium vegan chocolate desserts
Vegan Chocolate

Our vegan desserts are finished with a dip in semi-sweet chocolate. Vegan bittersweet chocolate between 55-65% cacao is our jam.

Medium img 2329
Organic Cane Sugar

Certified organic sugar cane from Brazil. The cane juice, rich in molasses, is extracted, clarified, evaporated and crystallized all on the same day it is harvested. The result is a blond-colored, minimally processed, organic sugar.