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Keto Subscription Box

3 month low-carb, high fat keto dessert subscription box


If you are looking to buy keto desserts, our keto diet friendly chocolate subscription treats are grain-free, with no sugar alcohols, only natural and organic ingredients with shipping included

Keto Subscription Box

3 months of gourmet keto desserts
no grains
no sugar alcohols
free shipping

Keto Subscription Box Details

Of all the keto desserts to buy, only our 3 month exclusive keto subscription box will feature a new treat every month.

Our keto-friendly desserts will be based on exclusive ketogenic chocolate mix made from responsibly sourced and organic Peruvian cocoa, healthy keto fats such as avocado, MCT and coconut oils and low carb marshmallows.

We put together a one-of-a-kind sugar free sweetener without any sugar alcohols using D-ribose and pure monk fruit. Not only is this sweetener blend a good alternative to sugar, but each component has its own health and performance benefits.

Each month's treat will be grain-free, using higher resistant starch fibers, such as cassava, and nut flours to get the chewiness and crave-able textures you want from any dessert.

Keto Brownies

Our first keto subscription box will feature grain-free, high protein, low carb keto diet chocolate brownies, rich in dark chocolate with pasture raised organic collagen, open farmed organic eggs and healthy fats such as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), coconut and avocado oil.

Keto Friendly Ingredients
High fat and low carb desserts are in!

People eating a ketogenic, paleo or low-carb, high-fat diet need treats too! When it came to creating delicious treats with little or no net carb impact, we had buckle down and science the heck out our recipes. What we have developed are the most satisfying desserts with just enough sweetness, lots of healthy fats and no grains.