February's Box is coming in hot ... a festive chocolate & raspberry cake, topped with berry mallow and dipped in chocolate. 💗

Keto Subscription Box

3 month low-carb, high fat keto dessert subscription box

Keto Subscription Box

no grains

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A sugar-free, keto-friendly subscription is what your dessert dreams are made of.

Keto Subscription Box Details

Of all the keto desserts to buy, only our 3 month exclusive keto box will feature a new treat every month.

Our keto-friendly desserts use our exclusive ketogenic chocolate mix made from responsibly sourced and organic Peruvian cocoa, healthy fats such as avocado, MCT and coconut oils.

We put together a one-of-a-kind sugar free sweetener using D-ribose, non-GMO allulose, and pure monk fruit. Not only is this sweetener blend a good alternative to sugar, but each component has its own health and performance benefits.

Each month's treats will be unique (no repeats here!), baked-fresh, grain-free, using higher resistant starch fibers and nut flours to get the chewiness and crave-able textures you want from any dessert. Here's a peek at the sugar-free dessert box lineup (order may vary)

Keto Donuts

Featuring high fat, low carb seasonal cake donuts. Peaches and cream, pumpkin spice, and chocolate glazed are a few of the recent flavors we've created. Made with pasture raised organic collagen, open farmed organic eggs and healthy fats such as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), coconut and avocado oil. They are fluffy and tender, full of flavor, and pair really nicely with a hot cup of coffee or an iced-tea.

Ridiculously Fudgy Brownies

Our rich chocolatey brownies start with organic almond flour, our well-loved single-origin Peruvian cocoa powder, and local eggs. Sweetened with organic monk fruit and hint of madagascar vanilla, smothered with a semi-sweet chocolate ganache made with coconut milk. Toppings vary with the season, slivered almonds, toasted coconut, and walnuts have made appearances.

Layered Coffee Cake with Streusel

A keto-friendly coffee cake? Am I dreaming? A buttery coffee cake layered with a nutty, spiced streusel. Flavors vary, see an example of our current sugar-free coffee cake flavors here >>. Packed in 12-ounce loaf pans, our coffee cakes are delivered whole, with an estimated 8 slices per loaf.

Short Bread with Chocolate Ganache

Our famous short bread cookie, topped with a layer of chocolate ganache and sprinkled with sliced almonds. Sliced into squares, these are gorgeous when presented on a dessert plate, or enjoyed one-at-a-time.

Best Ketogenic Performance + Dessert Satisfaction

Each treat we make for this very unique keto subscription box will be focused on providing the best ketogenic performance with the real satisfaction of a dessert.

By popular request, we've added a 6-month keto subscription box. Double the months, double the deliciousness.