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Dessert Delivery in Santa Cruz and Monterey California

Dessert Delivery in Santa Cruz and Monterey California

Need a dessert delivered in Santa Cruz County or Monterey County? We've got you covered.

Marshmallow topped cakes including our well-loved double chocolate vegan cupcakes, gluten-free tuxedo cakes, sugar-free desserts, and much more are available for delivery in the Monterey Bay Area -- from Santa Cruz to Monterey

Cake Delivery in Santa Cruz

Sometimes life delivers a strong need for cake, ASAP. Like a missed office colleague's birthday, or a quick celebration delivered to an away-from-home college student. Maybe, it's an anniversary that needs a special treat, or a late-night treat while vacationing.

We've got you covered. Our bakery was built for shipping birthday cakes all over the country. But people in Santa Cruz and Monterey need cakes too, so we've created a few new ways to get some of our delicious treats to your doorstep.

For next-day cake delivery in Santa Cruz, call us! (669) 232-3402

For vacationers and travelers in Santa Cruz, order ahead and tell us where to deliver!

Let's enjoy some cake together!