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Coconut Thai Tea Cake

A coconut cake topped with a Thai tea marshmallow

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Coconut Thai Tea Cake

Could this be the best cake we've ever made?

The idea hit me one hot day in July while Josh and I were grabbing lunch at our favorite Thai cafe in Santa Cruz. Designed with the flavors of my favorite sweet drink, the Thai iced tea cake was born!

The coconut cake is a simple play on my favorite yolk based vanilla cake. It's rich and sweet, with a beautiful crumb and a warm background flavor of coconut coming from fresh coconut milk and virgin unrefined coconut oil.

A striking Thai tea marshmallow sits on top. Our tea blend includes tamarind seeds for flavor and that iconic color, plus a few spices that gives it complex floral notes.

Generously dusted with toasted coconut and powdered sugar that adds a lovely texture and a strong coconut flavor to each bite.

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Coconut cake + Thai Tea Marshmallow + Toasted Coconut & Powdered Sugar

$31.00 & free shipping