Gourmet Vegan S’mores Gift

Send a pack of 5 chocolate covered s'mores! & free shipping!

Gourmet Vegan S’mores Gift

Now Shipping: America's favorite dessert made for everyone to enjoy!

No one really knows who invented the s’more. The recipe started to appear in the late 1920s in publications aimed at summer camping enthusiasts. No matter the origins, the basic components of a s'more are undisputed, a roasted marshmallow is sandwiched between graham crackers & a piece of chocolate.

When we set out to create a vegan marshmallow treat, the s'more stood out as needing an upgrade … bad. Thankfully, your in-house marshmallow experts knew just what to do!

Every s’more has to start with the graham. Boxed honey grahams weren't going to cut it, so we developed a crispy, rich and slightly sweet cookie made with mochi flour and coconut oil.

Creating a gelatin-free marshmallow worthy of the NotPie name was no small task—we pride ourselves on creating treats that are peak delicious without all of the weird ingredients you read on labels these days. With the tireless help of some vegan taste-testers we know, we arrived at a perfect marshmallow—gooey, packed with vanilla and fluffy.

What's left? Another cookie on top and enrobe the whole marshmallow sandwich in semi-sweet chocolate.

This treat is ridiculously delicious, with a touch of nostalgia, conjuring up memories of roasting marshmallows around a campfire. Crispy, gooey, chocolatey—not to mention gelatin-free, wheat-free, corn-syrup free, and vegan—the perfect treat for anyone.  

So let’s celebrate! Send a pack of s’mores to your favorite people to say Happy Vegan Day, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, I love you, Thinking of you, or Get well soon.

** Allergen Note: Wheat and nuts are used as raw ingredients in our bakery, though not in these S'mores. Please do not order if you have a serious allergy to wheat or gluten.***