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Keto-Friendly Vanilla Cupcake

Sometimes, a proper frosted cupcake is in order

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Keto-Friendly Vanilla Cupcake

If you are enjoying a sugar-free and grain-free diet, but a cupcake is needed -- this is the dessert for you!

Available for local pick-up only, order 1-day in advance.

Vanilla butter cupcakes filled with a blackberry butter cream and topped with vanilla or blackberry white chocolate frosting. Made with almond flour, organic butter & cream, and ground vanilla bean. The result is a delicious vanilla cake that tastes like a pound cake. A fresh blackberry buttercream is piped into the center. Blackberries have less than 7g of sugar per cup, but bring a whole lot of flavor and color. Each cupcake is finished with a white chocolate buttercream, lightly sweetened with a monk fruit blend.

Sprinkles? Yes, please!

Add sprinkles or not, your choice! We are curently only offering our regular sprinkles, they add about 1/2 g of sugar to each cupcake. If you'd rather skip the sprinkles, just tell us in the notes of your order.

Nutrition: Each cupcake comes in at 9g of carbs, with 7g of protein and 23g of fat. A complete nutrition label is included with each order.

Available Flavors
$31.00 & free shipping

a six-pack of vanilla cupcakes, filled and topped with a fresh blackberry buttercream and a white chocolate frosting.