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October's Spiced Cake Box

3 Irish Cream, 3 Mocha Spice

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October's Spiced Cake Box

A very special box is available to ship through October. It includes 2 different types of cupcakes - an Irish Cream cupcake and a Mocha-Spiced cupcake. Available in traditional or gluten-free versions.

How'd we get here?

I was sitting at the King St train station in Seattle when the phone rang. A frequent customer forgot a birthday and needed cupcakes delivered by Monday. Her request? An Irish Cream creation.

We just moved our youngest daughter into her new college dorm, and I had a 24-hour train ride to sit back, relax, and dream up cake ideas.

Irish Cream Cake

A vanilla bean cake, house-made Irish cream caramel inside, vanilla mallow on top, white chocolate dip, caramel drizzle, and a few tiny sprinkles.

Ground vanilla beans are making their prime time debut in this cake. Unlike extracts where alcohols are infused with vanilla beans, ground vanilla beans are exactly as they sound. Ground and dried vanilla beans carry deep flavors of smoky vanilla, with very few floral notes.

Mocha-Spiced Cake

Brace yourself! This cake combines the deep chocolate flavors of our single-origin Dominican Republic cocoa powder with fresh-brewed coffee and the vibrant spices we chose -- true cinnamon, fresh ginger, ground cloves and cardamom.

Each cake is topped with a French press coffee marshmallow, finished with a dip in semi sweet chocolate with a chocolate espresso bean on top.

Available Flavors
Mocha Cream Mixed-Sixer
$35.00 & free shipping

A six-pack of our traditional made cakes. Includes 3 Mocha Spiced and 3 Irish Cream cupcakes.

Gluten-Free Mocha Cream Mixed-Sixers
$35.00 & free shipping

A six-pack of cupcakes made with gluten-free ingredients. Includes 3 Mocha Spiced and 3 Irish cream