The Sixer

Why send just one cake, when you can send six? & free shipping!

The Sixer
6 pack of standard cupcakes
housemade marshmallow top
birthday candle (optional)
a handwritten note
2 day shipping (most places)

Send multiple gifts in one order!

Sharing is caring, especially when it's cake!

Why send just one cake, when you can send six? Cake is the perfect gift to send as a birthday, a congratulations, a selfish guilty pleasure, a just-because or a thank-you. We will pack six of our standard-sized cupcakes and send it off to wherever the party is (even if it's your house).

Choose a rich chocolate cake or a French-style vanilla genoise. We top each cake with a double layer of our handmade vanilla marshmallow, and dip it in your choice of white or dark chocolate. We'll even handwrite your gift message on a card, expertly pack it all up & ship it off.

Celebrating a birthday? We'll add sprinkles and a birthday candle to the package.