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Red Velvet Cake

Choose from a Vegan Red Velvet or Traditional Buttermilk Red Velvet

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Red Velvet Cake

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Did you hear about our new red velvet cake?

Screeeek. Bzzzt. Thwammppp. Whew, I didn't mean to scratch that record.

We created a red velvet cake that checks all the boxes. One for our vegan cake lovers, and the other for our traditional red velvet cake enjoyers.

A Traditional Red Velvet Cake. And, by traditional I mean not traditional at all.

A traditional red velvet cake means something different to everyone. We went the more traditional route creating this cake with organic butter and buttermilk, and a whisper of our single-origin cocoa powder. Natural vegetable color carries most of the red color, and a sweetened cream cheese is swirled into each cake before baking. Each cake is topped with our house-made vanilla mallow, dipped in white chocolate with a few red sprinkles on top.

Vegan Red Velvet Cake that's not a red herring.

This lovely number checks all the boxes of a certified red velvet cake experience, even without the cream cheese frosting, and tablespoons of food dye.

We crafted this cake with a cultured vegan butter, a whisper of single-origin cocoa powder from the Dominican Republic, brown sugar, and vanilla. Natural vegetable color does the hard work of the iconic red hue. Each cake is filled with a bright raspberry mallow fluff, topped with a brown sugar marshmallow frosting, dipped in 70% semi sweet chocolate and sprinkled with a very tiny festive orbs.

Available Flavors
Vegan Red Velvet Sixer
$31.00 & free shipping

vegan red velvet cake + raspberry mallow filling + brown sugar marshmallow top dipped in chocolate

Red Velvet Sixer
$31.00 & free shipping

Buttermilk red velvet cake + vanilla mallow top dipped in white chocolate