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Seabright S’mores

Make any day feel like a beach day.

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Seabright S’mores

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Seabright beach is a well-loved beach in Santa Cruz. It has a long stretch of soft sand, gentle waves and bonfire rings that come to life as the sun sets. A great namesake for these delicious s'mores.

coconut brown sugar cookie + vanilla bean marshmallow + coconut caramel jam + semi-sweet chocolate + sea salt flakes 

It starts with a crispy cookie

The Seabright S’mores start with a brown sugar mochi cookie. A housemade mochi cookie that has the perfect snap when you bite it, a bold brown sugar and cinnamon flavor, with notes of coconut. It's wheat-free, vegan, and has a nice crunch.

We are here for the caramel jam

The newest creation in our bakery is a coconut caramel jam. Like your favorite coconut milk caramel sauce, in a jam consistency. Not too sticky, not too chewy, not too saucy. Just jammy. A generous layer of coconut caramel jam is smeared on to each cookie. Then ...

For the love of marshmallow

We sandwich in our famous vanilla bean marshmallow. Our famous vegan marshmallow, is fluffy and full of vanilla.

Let's talk chocolate

A s'more traditionally has a few pips of chocolate. But that's not enough for our taste. So we enrobe the whole sandwich in semi-sweet chocolate.

Let's s'more, shall we?

Last stop, a few flakes of sea salt right in the middle. Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

Imagine serving these at a casual dinner party in the back yard, with the oohs and aahs from your friends filling the evening sound scape.  Or send a half dozen to your favorite person to help celebrate a special occasion. They'll feel the love.

PS ...

Tell us it's for a birthday, and we'll give your gift the NotPie birthday treatment, complete with birthday sprinkles, and a birthday candle packed with your card right on top.

Bonfire not required. 

** Allergen Note: Wheat and nuts are used as raw ingredients in our bakery, though not in these s'mores. Please do not order if you have a serious allergy to wheat or gluten.**

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6 Seabright S'mores with Vegan Marshmallow
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