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Strawberry Fields Cake

Delicate, sweet, and bursting with fresh strawberries.

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Strawberry Fields Cake

6 pack of standard cupcakes

Super-sized cupcake

birthday candle

a handwritten note

signature marshmallow top

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This dessert is a delight to receive.

Created to feature our famous local ingredients, this cake delivers a little taste of the sunshiny life in Santa Cruz.

Made with organic eggs, whole milk from a local organic dairy, grass-fed butter ... the real stars are the plump strawberries from the Central Coast of California.

We started with a vanilla cake that is buttery and soft with a light crumb, topped with a fresh strawberry marshmallow and finished with a dip in white chocolate and adorably festive sprinkles.

THE PERFECT GIFT! Write a personal note, we'll pack it inside the box, right on top! The Strawberry Fields cake makes a perfect gift to say say hi, thank you, or congratulations! Tell us this is for a birthday, and we'll pack a birthday candle inside!

Available Flavors
$33.00 & free shipping

Vanilla butter cake + strawberry mallow + white chocolate top