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Summer Plum Cake

A delightful Summer plum cake

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Summer Plum Cake

A delightful plum cake, made with gluten-free ingredients, studded with locally grown organic plums, and sweetened with maple syrup. It's buttery and soft. Sweet, with a bright notes of baked plum inside. The crumble on top offers a nutty note of browned butter and caramelized sugar.

A Simply Delightful Plum Cake Ready for a delicious Summer dessert? We've created a brown sugar cake with a soft crumb and buttery notes that encase tart red plums. Baked as an 8" round cake topped with a crumb streusel that adds a crispy, crumbly, sweet, nutty note. Finished with a light drizzle of our made by hand caramel sauce, and a shower of powdered sugar. Packed unsliced and ready to be served with coffee or iced-tea.

Gluten-Free Ingredients Take Part in the Magic Cakes made with gluten-free ingredients can get a bad wrap. When not made well, they can bring a gummy texture to the table. But when these special flours are treated well, they bring a soft crumb, a slightly different flavor (no gluten proteins to coat your taste buds!), and plays a major role in keeping the cake pillowy and delicious without a dense crumb in site. If you enjoy or steer clear of gluteny things, you'll love this the same.

The vegan version of this cake features an easy swap of our favorite organic vegan butter that offers a well balanced creamy note without too much coconut.

Order 48 hours in advance! Featuring delicate Summer produce that has to be at exactly the right ripeness for the magic to happen, place your order 48 hours before pick up. Available as long as our local Summer plums are here! (fingers crossed this means through September)

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