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The Vanilla Cupcake Sixer

A delightful vanilla bean cupcake - send your choice of traditional or gluten-free

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The Vanilla Cupcake Sixer

6 pack of standard cupcakes

signature marshmallow top

birthday candle (optional)

a handwritten note

2 day shipping (most places)

Let's get this party started!

A double vanilla pack of cupcakes makes the perfect gift to send as a birthday, a congratulations, just-because, or a thank-you. We will pack six of our standard-sized cupcakes and send it off to be delivered wherever the party is (even if it's at your house).

Our vanilla cupcakes are a delightful buttery French-style vanilla cake. With a dense crumb, these butter cakes fall closer to a pound cake than a sponge. Made with vanilla extract and whole vanilla bean, the deep floral vanilla notes shine through the creamy buttery notes. We top each cake with a double layer of our signature vanilla marshmallow dipped in your choice of white, semi-sweet chocolate, or both. Finished with sprinkles.

Yes, finally! Gluten-Free cupcake delivery nationwide.

Need a gluten-free birthday cupcake? Our wheat-free chocolate cake is made with our exclusive gluten-free flour mix that holds true to our ingredient standards -- nothing highly processed, nothing weird. Using the same single-origin Peruvian cocoa powder, the result is a lovely cake that will delight even the gluten-eaters in your crew. Topped with a fluffy vanilla marshmallow we make by hand and finished with a dip in chocolate and sprinkles.

Send a six pack of cake to celebrate a birthday!

If you've decided to send a six pack for a birthday (lucky!), we'll pack a birthday candle plus your birthday wishes on a gift card right on top. You can even schedule delivery for the special day.

Your six pack of cupcakes will arrive on their doorstep via 2-day delivery nationwide (most locations, some places require 3 days) … guaranteed to be as beautiful and fresh as when it left our bakery.

Available Flavors
$35.00 & free shipping

A six-pack of gluten-free vanilla cupcakes, Dipped in white & dark chocolate