Triple Layer Party Brownies (made with gluten-free ingredients)

fudgy brownie + vanilla marshmallow + ganache + sprinkles

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Triple Layer Party Brownies (made with gluten-free ingredients)

Pack ‘em for the beach, a picnic, backyard chill session, or Father’s Day treat to go.

I've created a monster. No, really. A bite of a triple-layer brownie, and you'll understand.

A super fudgy brownie, made with butter, melted chocolate, and single-origin cocoa powder gives us a ridiculously chewy brownie base full of chocolate flavor. Then, we topped with a vanilla mallow layer, spread a chocolate ganache layer on top, and finished it with some party sprinkles.

Packed in a gift tin, in sets of 6. Serve as 6 big desserts, or cut them in half and share some with approximately 11 of your closest friends.

Made with gluten-free ingredients, but you won’t notice. The thing you will notice is the seriously fudgy situation with a crazy squishy vanilla mallow on top, chocolate ganache + sprinkles.