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Triple Lemon - Vegan Style

Lemon Cake + Lemon Cloud Top + Chocolate Dip

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Triple Lemon - Vegan Style

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This may turn into a classic case of dessert envy.

Vegan lemon cake studded with preserved Meyer lemons, topped with a lemon mallow cloud dipped in 78% chocolate.

If you are ever in Santa Cruz on a Wednesday, you can catch the citrus guys at the grower's market. They grow and sell all kinds of amazing heirloom citrus. We've used their lemons a million times in our desserts. They are bright, sweet, and full of true lemon flavor. But we needed something new, we always do.

Lemon Cake + Lemon Mallow

Featuring locally grown Eureka lemons, and studded with bits of preserved Meyers. The cake carries a light airy crumb, not usually accomplished in vegan desserts. Finished with a lemon mallow cloud on top, dipped in 78% dark chocolate.

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