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A Delightful Plum Cake in June?
June 2022

A Delightful Plum Cake in June?

You've got it!

My cake inspiration comes from many places. I'm always on the lookout for an ingredient calling my name at the market. Sometimes, it comes from a special request. This time, the inspiration came from our youngest daughter on her 19th birthday.

She spent the Spring Semester in Berlin and made it home just before her 19th birthday. Her birthday dessert request was simple. She'd like a plum cake. She wasn't sure of the details beyond that. Was it more like a torte that she desired, or was it a proper birthday cake with frosting?

I baked what quickly became my favorite cake of the season. A plum cake for her, made with gluten-free ingredients sweetened with maple syrup. It was buttery and soft. Sweet, with a bright note of baked plum inside. The crumble top offered a nutty note of browned butter and caramelized sugar.

June's Plum Cake is Simply Delightful A vanilla brown sugar cake with a soft crumb and buttery notes encases a tart purple plum right in the center. A traditional crumb baked on top adds a crispy, crumbly, sweet nutty note. Finished with a light drizzle of our made by hand caramel sauce, and shower of powdered sugar. Packed in sets of 6, ready to be served with coffee or iced-tea.

All subscriptions are getting a very special variation of this cake. The star of this cake are the Santa Rosa red plums grown locally.

↠ The traditional cakes are made with organic pastry wheat flour, grass-fed Irish butter, and brown-sugar loaded with notes of molasses.

↠ Our gluten-free cake boxes are made with our house blend gluten-free flours that bake a lovely cake that is soft and pillowy, without a gummy or dense crumb in site.

↠ The vegan cakes have an easy swap of our favorite organic vegan butter that offers a well balanced creamy note without too much coconut.

As we struggle with melting chocolate during one of the hottest month of June we can remember, I thought why not put this plum cake to work as our cake box for June? It's very unique, different than our usual cakes, but so worth it.

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