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April’s Cake Box - Whoopie!
April 2019

April’s Cake Box - Whoopie!

What makes the perfect whoopie pie? We’ve got the answer.

A dessert that defies classification. Too small to be a cake, too big to be a cookie, and absolutely not a pie. I love the idea of a cake sandwich.

The big whoop!

The Pennsylvania Dutch claim this dessert as their creation. So the story goes, the Dutch women made the pies from leftover cake batter & icing and tucked them into their husband's lunch. When found, they would understandably yell “whoopie”!

These are rich, chocolatey, gooey, pretty big, and worthy of a shout. Whoopie!

As Spring makes its way across the country, I feel like we are all needing a similar moment of glee. So here is your mission, subscribers: Wait for your box. Unwrap. Sit down with you favorite person and share a whoopie pie. Oh, you may need a cup of coffee to go along for the adventure.

Our April subscribers will receive a pack of 4 chocolate whoopie pies.

If you are doing it right, whoopie pies are supposed to be big, and kind of irregular shaped. Like, cut them in half and share with your people big. Indulge in a whole one with a cup of milk... or malk... or coffee. Pack them in your picnic basket this weekend (swoon!), or put them in the freezer for a treat that is reminiscent of an ice cream sandwich … without the melt. Whoa.

We made each rich chocolatey cake with organic Irish cream butter and a single-origin Peruvian cocoa. We piped on a generous mound of a vanilla marshmallow fluff that is softer and gooey-er than our usual marshmallow frosting. We rolled some of the edges in our all-natural, super festive sprinkles, and left some of the edges plain.

Happy Spring!

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