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April, You are a Peach!
April 2022

April, You are a Peach!

This month's cake boxes are arriving in mailboxes beginning April 15 - see what's inside!

April is a peach of a month. On the west coast, April looks a lot like bluebird sunny days. Mostly Spring, with an occasional cold wind and April showers sprinkled in.

It's not quite time for Peach season, but that's OK. We have know some farms that freeze peaches at their peak. Then we roast them in a smidge of brown sugar and cinnamon to bring out their sweetness. Add them to a classic butter cake. And just like that! A lovely peach butter cake is born.

What does a peach cake taste like?

The flavor of a peach comes in combination when you take a bite of the skin, the fruit, and the juice. When baked, the notes are bright and creamy, with a hint of floral. It produces a very soft cake, full of buttery notes with visible specs of the peach fruit.

Peach mallow topped cake

We top each of these with a peach mallow. Made from kosher, organic gelatin, organic sugar, and peach juice and whole peach fruit whipped in.

Finished with a dip in white chocolate and topped with spring sprinkles, blueberry dust (crushed freeze dried blueberry) and an oat crumble that is reminiscent of my great-grandma's Summer peach pie.

Careful in the pairing of this cake, or you'll miss the peach flavors all together. They are delicate, light, and well balanced in each bite.

Can you tell I'm longing for Summer?

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