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Hey Cookie Pie
July 2022

Hey Cookie Pie

Cookie Pies are pinch hitting in the July cake box

Cookie Pie, Cookie Pie -- How we love thee

Every July, as temperatures soar and the chocolate melts into a hot mess, shipping cakes across the country goes from a tricky situation to an impossible one. So, we swap in a less melty dessert that is so delicious that I like to think you won't miss the cake for a month.

Cookie Pies are Up!

A cookie sandwich filled with our signature marshmallow frosting is the best Summer dessert since ... dare we say it? Ice cream. Sweet, with a crunchy cookie and a fluffy inside. They don't turn into a melty mess, and they travel anywhere so easily.

Eat them at room temperature (that may be considered hot from the oven in some places), chilled from the fridge, or as a frozen treat. Take them to the park, on a hike, to a ballgame, in a picnic basket, in the car for an evening drive, to the beach. Wherever you are headed this Summer, a cookie pie makes a great sidekick.

5 cookie pies are in this month's box, each weighting in at about 4 ounces. Here's the line up of flavors:

🍪 Chocolate chip + vanilla mallow + rainbow sprinkles

🤎 Oatmeal + caramel jam + vanilla mallow

🍋 Lemon + vanilla mallow + toasted coconut

If you want in on this delicious cookie pie dessert box -- Subscribe before July 29th and you'll get this box of deliciousness. Vegan subscription boxes are here, gluten-free subscription boxes are here, and traditional dessert subscription boxes are right over here.

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