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June (Father's Day) Cupcake Box
June 2015

June (Father's Day) Cupcake Box

High performance Father's Day

Guaranteed to unleash his inner super hero, our Father's Day cake takes our exclusive flavors to a whole other level!

Inspired by the Bulletproof Diet and our Josh's experience with chronic health issues, this high performance cupcake was exclusively created as the ultimate performance-boosting (and delicious!) dessert.

It all starts with a gluten-free version of our signature chocolate cake—this one is made with mochi (sweet rice flour) and the best cocoa powder in the world. Then we add ground vanilla bean, single-origin coffee, MCT and coconut oils. The cake is topped with a ground vanilla bean marshmallow made with pasture raised, grass fed and finished collagen and dipped in 85% dark chocolate.

All of this adds up to a serious antioxidant boost, high quality proteins and healthy fats that can be burned instantly for energy without the inflammatory properties of most carb laden desserts—letting dad do whatever he does even better!

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