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March Cake Box
March 2023

March Cake Box

A Tangerine Celebration

The March cupcake boxes are coming for ya.

Tangerine curd, syrup, and candied peels are all working together to make a delicious citrus cupcake this month. Carrying the promise of a sunshine-y Spring (please rain, we have had enough!) You'll find notes of orange blossom, sweet cream, and bright citrus.

Are you waiting for the details? Oh good! I've got some for you 🧡

We started with a vanilla bean cake and swirled in a tangerine curd, giving this cake a really soft texture, rich in butter flavor, with a delicate tangerine citrus note.The tops of each cake is dipped in a tangerine ganache, made with fresh tangerine juice and white chocolate. I was trying hard to not compare this cake to a 50/50 popsicle. You know the one that is so orange-y and vanilla-y? But it's so hard not to! Finished with a vanilla mallow, white chocolate dip, and garnished with candied tangerine peel.

This cake pairs well with milk black tea with honey, jasmine tea, or a hot cup of your favorite black coffee.

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