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September's Cake-of-the-Month
September 2020

September's Cake-of-the-Month

Cosmic Clementine: Poppy seed clementine cake + passion fruit marshmallow

It feels like Summer just arrived here on the West Coast. Our normal cool, calm Summer season was interrupted by wildfires, blazing hot temperatures, and smokey skies. So I'm going to be holding on to Summer a little longer.

I can't think of a better way to kick off September than this fresh citrus cake that tastes like pure sunshine on a warm Summer day.

A tender butter cake full of sweet clementine zest and poppy seeds serves as the base for this cosmic treat. Topped with a fresh passion fruit marshmallow that is loaded with a tropical sweet tart flavor.

The cakes are topped with soft piles of shredded dark chocolate that instantly melts on your tongue, leaving behind a whisper of chocolate that pairs brilliantly with the passion fruit.

September's cake-of-the-month boxes begin shipping Monday, September 21. Order by September 19 to get in on this month's cake box.

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