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Summer’s Sweet Spot
July 2018

Summer’s Sweet Spot

July 2018 Cake-of-the-Month

Celebrating the bounties of July, we created a special kind of cake.

Along the Central Coast of California, July feels like the sweet spot of Summer. It’s the holder of the magic weeks when apricot and blackberry seasons overlap, and lemons are bountiful and begging for some attention.

It’s also the month of Plastic-Free July, the international 31-day challenge to eliminate single-use plastic.

Lemon blackberry cake + apricot marshmallow fluff + shredded white chocolate. Assembled in glass jars and shipped in sets of 6.

Inspired by Farmer Dale’s apricots and the giant blackberries that have been cooing at me from the corner market stand. One bite, and this cake will give you all the Summertime feels.... no, not the kind with bored kids and way too hot afternoons. The relaxing Summertime feelings of warm days and cool nights, a fresh blackberry picked right off the vine, adventures with your family, and ripe apricots bubbling away in the jam pot. This cake is bursting with our love for Summer!

... Check out that packaging! We swapped our plastic packaging for glass jars. Win, Win.

As for me, from now on I will be referring to July as the sweet spot month.

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