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This is Bananas
June 2021

This is Bananas

Red Velvet & Fresh Banana Cakes Are in the June Cake Box

Red velvet is one of the most requested cakes in our bakery. No clue as to why. I've always felt like a red velvet was really just a carrier for that delicious cream cheese frosting. It requires a whole lot of food coloring, which is something we try to avoid, and cream cheese frosting doesn't ship well.

So, why red velvet now?

Fresh beets showed up in our market box a few weeks ago. I'd heard of bakers using beet juice as the coloring and starting playing around with the red velvet cakes.

Don't worry, this isn't a beet success story. While a cake colored with beets meets my criteria of all natural, wow does it taste like beets. 😂

We created a red velvet cake that has some beet juice and a tiny bit of red food coloring. We went the traditional route creating this cake with organic butter and buttermilk, with a whisper of our single-origin cocoa powder. A sweetened cream cheese is swirled into each cake before baking. Each cake is topped with our house-made vanilla mallow, white chocolate, and a few red sprinkles.

Fresh Banana Cake

The other half of this cake box is a fresh banana cake topped with our house vanilla mallow, white chocolate dip, and a caramel drizzle.

This cake box is bananas. So are the temperatures this summer. I hope these arrive at your door lovely and delicious. If not, email us and we'll send a replacement!

stay cool, Amanda

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