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 S'mores: America's favorite summertime dessert upgraded

S'mores: America's favorite summertime dessert upgraded

Fresh marshmallow, a mochi-flour cookie and dark chocolate FTW

Nothing evokes the feeling of long days and cool nights around a fire like a s'more. No one really knows who invented the s’more. The recipe started to appear in the late 1920s in publications aimed at summer camping enthusiasts. No matter the origins, the basic components of a s'more are undisputed, a roasted marshmallow is sandwiched between graham crackers and a piece of chocolate.

For even more on the history of the s'more, check out The Smithonian's recent article, Let Us Tell You S’more About America’s Favorite Campfire Treat

Start with a ... cookie

S'mores start with a cracker, but boxed honey grahams weren't going to cut it, so we developed a crispy, rich and slightly sweet cookie made with mochi (sweet rice) flour and coconut oil.

It's all about the marshmallow

You may not know, but marshmallow is our specialty! We use kosher-grade gelatin from pasture-raised cows, which gets whipped with organic sugar and Madagascar bourbon vanilla.

What about the chocolate?

Having a couple of pips of the chocolate "who will not be named" seems a little pedestrian for our gourmet s'more, so we enrobe the entire treat in a rich, dark dark chocolate.