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Vegan Red Velvet in July's Cake Box
July 2021

Vegan Red Velvet in July's Cake Box

Shipping July 19th-23rd

Among the most requested flavors of cake, red velvet sits at the top.

I haven't really messed around with red velvet anything in the bakery. For it's iconic color and style, it relies on too much food coloring and cream cheese.

Last month, the inspiration struck, and our traditional cake-of-the-month box was shipped with red velvet cupcakes inside.

I kept going with it well into this month. Now, July's vegan boxes are featuring a cake that I am slightly obsessed with. It's that good.

A vegan red velvet cake, tinted with natural vegetable colors and a hint of cocoa. It's got a soft crumb with notes of cocoa, vanilla, and brown sugar. Filled with a bright raspberry mallow fluff, and topped with a brown sugar marshmallow dipped in 70% semi sweet chocolate.

It checks all the boxes of a red velvet cake experience, without the overly sweet thick cream cheese frosting and red food coloring.

Shipping the week of July 18th to vegan subscribers - watch your doorstep for deliveries beginning July 20th.

Since we are in the meltiest month of the year, please don't hesitate to be in touch if you cake arrived less than completely delicious and rad. No questions asked, we'll just bake & ship you a fresh box.

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